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[For weeks now, Jeile had tried to accept Lei's rejection to his feelings. His love was not returned and that was that. Only that it hurt so much more then he ever would have imagined. Enough so that he sipped into a state of melancholy. Of course he did not notice at all how he talked and smiled less and ignored to care for himself properly. Whenever asked if something was wrong he just gave a smile and said that everything was fine.

But it wasn't. He still loved Lei as much as he had before. It wasn't unusual for him to slip away from his duties to take long walks outside of the castle. One of these walks had stretched out from the evening to early morning and the air had gotten chilly during the night. Upon his return, he went to his room and collapsed in his bed to sleep through the whole day.

Waking up the next morning he had ended up sick. A cold with a high fever and a unreasonable mood. Maruru had watched over him ever since he woke up and around lunch she decided that something had to be done. He had been complaining about wanting to see Lei and dismissed all servants that came to check up on him. He had not changed out of the clothes he had fallen asleep in the previous day and had not eaten a bit of food for at least a day and a half. If it went on he would fade away in no time at all.

She went out of the room to search for the one person he so desperately asked for and would not stop rambling about. He should hopefully be able to get some sense into the older prince, if for no other reason then that he was bigger than her. If she would have been a grown up she would have done more then just watching over him.

Spotting the man she was looking for, Maruru flew right up in his face looking quite irritated.]

Jeile has to see you. Get over to his chambers now!
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[It was morning. Still not late enough for him to have to get up, but the light filling his room made his head hurt. With a groan Jeile opened his eyes and instantly regretted his decision. The morning light was unusually intense this morning. With another groan he tossed his arm over his eyes to block out the offending light. Now why was it bothering him so much? Was it something he had done the previous night?

Sorting through his hazy memories he tried to recall what had gone down. He had been approached by some charming ladies that took him out for a drink. One had turned to more and he had gotten a bit drunk. That must be why he wasn't feeling so great this morning. Then Lei had arrived to fetch him. A small smile formed on his lips at the memory. One that soon faded as he remembered how clingy he had been. And in public! He would need to find Lei later and apologize for his indecent behaviour. Then he recalled where they had gone and done and he could feel how the blood got drained from his whole body and his eyes shot open.

Scratch finding Lei later, he had to find him now! Jeile tumbled out of bed and nearly did not get the time to get his magical broom to fly before he jumped off the balcony. He fled directly over to Lei's room and tried to open the door. Locked. Like that would stand in his way. Mumbling a spell the lock clicked open and the prince stormed into the room, still pale and with a wild look in his eyes. If he disturbed Lei in anything he would apologize for that as well later.]
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[In all honesty he had just intended to go for a walk and nothing more. Jeile had even told that he would be gone for about an hour at the most. A time he would have kept if it had not been for the pair of young ladies that had waved him down and without really getting how it happened he had agreed to go with them and have a drink. One drink was nothing right? Socialize while sipping on a glass of wine was a thing he were used to.

Only that one glass turned into another and with how pleasant his company were it soon became a third of something he had never tasted before. Well it tasted good and created a pleasant buzz. Probably a sign that he should stop and leave, but he were having such a good time. It had been some time since he felt so relaxed and at ease that leaving wasn't even on the agenda yet.]


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